Drug and Alcohol Testing


Private Drug Testing Servicesin Logan, UT  

Cash Pay Labs Direct is a private medical laboratory offering testing for patients with or without physician’s orders. Drug and alcohol testing is a commonly used service. 
Whether it’s a court-mandated test, a pre-employment requirement, or a way to give families peace of mind, testing for substance use is a test performed regularly in our lab, and with good reason. Drug and alcohol usage impairs cognitive functions, and the likelihood of causing an accident that harms someone multiplies--whether at the workplace, on the road, or in other situations--when an individual is under the influence. We are proud to offer drug testing to help protect our communities. 

Drug and Alcohol Testing & Screening Near Me

Drug and alcohol testing can be performed on a number of different specimens. Because drugs and alcohol flow through the bloodstream, substance use can be detected in a variety of samples, including:
Urine test: By far the most commonly used test, urine testing has the advantage of being an easy and painless collection.
● Drug blood test: Blood is the most precise and detailed specimen for drug and alcohol testing, but is also the most invasive as it requires venipuncture to collect blood. Some tests can use blood collected from a finger prick rather than a traditional blood draw.
● Breath test: Breath tests are not performed in laboratories, but are used by law enforcement officers. Breath testing is convenient and quick, which are advantages for roadside testing, which is the setting in which it's most commonly used.
● Saliva test: A swab or saliva sample is minimally invasive but does not give drug and alcohol usage information beyond a few hours after use.
Our lab services range from routine blood testing to performing a court-ordered or pre-employment drug and alcohol test.
At Cash Pay Labs Direct, we value our patient's right to take control of their own health, including choosing laboratory diagnostic services according to their budget and health needs. We are passionate about getting lab work done while respecting the health, privacy, and autonomy of our patients.

We are a private company that accepts but does not require a physician’s order to perform testing, and we also work with patients who do or do not have health insurance. Flexibility in healthcare can be difficult to find, but we recognize that each patient comes from a unique background, and we honor each patient’s experience. Give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our services here in Logan, UT. Fill out our online contact form or call (435) 213-3023 with any questions.

We offer the following tests

    10 Panel Instant Drug Screen (Saliva)
    10 Panel Instant
    5 Panel Instant
    Advanced Drug Test Panel with Expanded Opiates and Fentanyl 
    Blood 5 Panel
    Blood PEth Alcohol Drug Test
    Cotinine (Nicotine Metabolite)
    Designer Drug Panel
    DSM Drug Test (OTC Cough Medicine)
    Fourteen (14) Panel Drug Screen Including Fentanyl, K2 Alcohol (oral fluid)
    Federal/Regulated Drug
    Healthcare Professional Drug Panel 
    Instant EtG Screen (Urine)
    Instant Urine Cotinine (Nicotine) Screen
    Nail 10 Panel Drug Test
    Nail 5 Panel Drug Test
    Synthetic Drug Panel
    Twelve (12) Panel Rapid Drug Screen, Including Fentanyl 
    Urine 10 Panel Drug Test
    Urine 10 Panel Expanded Opiates Drug Test
    Urine 10 Panel Expanded Opiates w/Ecstasy Drug Test
    Urine 10 Panel with Cotinine
    Urine 5 Panel Drug Test w/Expanded Opiate
    Urine 5 Panel Standard
    Urine 5 Panel w/EtG Alcohol
    Urine 9 Panel Drug Test w/Expanded Opiates
    Urine 9 Panel w/EtG Alcohol
    Urine 9 Panel w/ETOH Alcohol
    Urine ETOH Alcohol
    Urine Heroin Drug Test
    Urine Steroid
    Urine Unknown Substance
    Vaping Panel (Urine)