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Medical Laboratory Servicesin Logan, UT

Cache Valley Labs Direct business model is centered on convenience, affordability, and accessibility. We are a private, non-insurance lab accepting cash payment for labs with transparent, affordable pricing.
We understand that navigating the American healthcare system can be stressful, and we are eager to streamline the process.

Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Our focus is on providing high-quality medical laboratory services for patients in all walks of life. Whether a patient needs to get bloodwork done as part of a prostate or breast cancer blood test, a tuberculosis (TB) blood test for pre-employment purposes, or wants to undergo a food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity test, we are eager to empower them in their pursuit of optimal health. Our lab services include: Routine blood testing: Lipid profile tests, glucose tests, thyroid testing, and more. General health testing can give patients a snapshot of their physical well-being and catch many disorders and conditions before symptoms appear. DNA medical ancestry & paternity tests: Ranging from the court-ordered paternity test to the best ancestry DNA tests, DNA testing is becoming increasingly popular. Drug and alcohol testing: Whether for pre-employment purposes, by court order, or as a private endeavor, a drug and alcohol screening test can provide peace of mind. Sexually transmitted disease & infection (STD/STI) screening and testing: STD blood or urine testing is advisable any time you may have been exposed; early detection can reduce the impact of a sexually transmitted pathogen. Miscellaneous tests: Cash Pay Labs Direct offers a wide variety of testing options; contact us for all of your medical laboratory needs.

If you’re wondering how or where to get blood work done, you can’t go wrong with Cash Pay Labs Direct. We are a private company passionate about providing patient-centered diagnostic labs with a focus on affordability and fast turnaround times. 

We choose to avoid the vices of American healthcare by offering non-insurance based services.

We value transparency and empower our patients to take the lead in caring for their health. While we eagerly welcome physician’s orders, they are not required, and we are happy to send results to a primary care provider or directly to the patient. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our blood screening and laboratory test services.

Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (435) 213-3023 for more information.