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Diagnostic Labs Via Blood Test in Logan, UT

Approximately 70% of all medical decisions are made based on laboratory results.

The medical laboratory is crucial to informed and fact-based healthcare. At Cache Valley Labs Direct, we are passionate about improving accessibility and affordability for patients, no matter their circumstances.
We are a private laboratory that prioritizes convenience and streamlines the process of getting bloodwork done. Whether you need a pre-employment tuberculosis blood test or need to fulfill a court-ordered paternity test, you can schedule an appointment for a quick and convenient specimen collection with results out sooner than a typical clinical setting. 

Where to Get Blood Work Done

We understand that it can be difficult and overwhelming to know where to get a blood test or other specimen collection done; the healthcare system, and especially insurance, can be intimidating! Our hope as a private laboratory is to eliminate the headache of the traditional healthcare setting by circumventing the major gaps in American healthcare.
We offer a wide range of medical testing. We recognize that each of our patients come from unique backgrounds and have different testing needs, and we hope to honor that through our various offerings. The services we offer include, but are not limited to:   Routine blood testing
● DNA medical ancestry & paternity tests ● Additional testing
● Dutch Testing ● Sexually transmitted disease & infection (STD/STI) screening and testing
Whether your primary care provider has asked you to get diabetes testing done to monitor blood sugar or you’ve elected to take a food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity test to improve your quality of life, we welcome all patients and strive to empower our patients to take control of their health through accurate and affordable testing. Our on-site healthcare professionals are trained to be compassionate, professional, and to honor each patient’s needs.
The American healthcare system can be challenging to navigate. At Cache Valley Labs Direct, we strive to make medical laboratory services fast, affordable, and accessible for all patients, regardless of insurance status. We welcome but do not require physician’s orders, and are happy to send results directly to our patients upon request. Heather Allred, PA-C, and Jeff Baugh, PA-C., and our on-site phlebotomy team prioritize our patients here in Logan, UT.

We offer the following tests
and more

    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D
    Blood Type/Cross ABO and Rh, and ABO
    Gender Reveal
    Urine Dip
    COVID Swab
    Lipoprotein A
    Pregnancy -- Qualitative (Yes/No)
    Pregnancy -- Quantitative
    Strep Throat Swab
    Testosterone Free/Total
    Chlamydia & Gonorrhea -- Urine
    C-Diff -- Stool, At Home
    Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnostic Panel
    Flu Swab