Dutch Testing


Hormone Test at Home in Logan, UT 

Cache Valley Labs Direct offers Dutch testing, a revolutionary approach to at-home testing. Some tests, including certain kinds of hormone testing, require patients to collect multiple specimens throughout the day in order to get a clearer picture of the state of their body. Rather than asking patients to repeatedly collect saliva or urine samples in a large container throughout the day, Dutch testing offers a cleaner, simpler way by collecting samples on filter paper at specific times as directed by your provider. At Cache Valley Labs Direct, we are eager to help you access the health data you need in the simplest way possible, and we are proud to partner with Dutch testing to offer this option.

Dutch Test for Hormones

There are quite a few options for Dutch testing, including adrenal hormone testing, sex hormone testing, and more. Our laboratory works with Dutch, which saves you the hassle of finding a provider to get labs done and further enables you to be the steward of your own health. Dutch offers clear instructions via video on their website, and we offer whatever support our patients need throughout the specimen collection process. 

Our mission at Cache Valley Labs Direct is to help patients take control of their own health, and providing an at-home option like Dutch testing enables us to give patients more accurate information about their hormone levels. We love offering flexible options where possible, and value transparency in our pricing and fast turnaround times. We circumvent the health insurance industry, which enables us to serve our clients quickly and affordably. If you are ready to order an at-home Dutch test kit or have any other clinical laboratory needs in Logan, UT, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (435) 213-3023 today.