Rapid Strep Test


Rapid Strep Test Near Logan, UT  

At Cache Valley Labs Direct, we understand that life can throw some miserable punches; strep throat can be one of them. Whether you have kids you care for who are showing signs of strep throat or think you yourself might have it, come on in for a rapid strep test where you can have an answer that same day. Some common symptoms of strep throat include fever, pain when swallowing, swollen lymph nodes around where the jaw meets the neck, and white spots on the tonsils. Rapid strep testing can be performed on the same day at a low cost of only $29. 
The process for our same-day rapid strep test is as follows: 1. Come into the lab for a throat swab2. Fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms3. Get results the same day          a. If you qualify, you will also receive a prescription

Antibiotics For Strep Throat Treatment 

The bacteria that causes strep throat can be easily treated by antibiotics; strep throat is known to sometimes have negative side effects beyond the usual symptoms, so we encourage all of our patients to take the entire round of antibiotics. We are excited to be able to offer our rapid strep services to help patients begin treatment and start feeling better as soon as possible! 

Our mission at Cache Valley Labs Direct is to enable our patients to take control of their health through our laboratory services. Healthcare can be difficult to navigate, and we are determined to make laboratory testing as accessible as possible through transparent pricing and streamlined turnaround times. Lab results are a critical part of healthcare, and we provide services regardless of insurance status or doctor’s orders. If you suspect that you may have strep, give us a call at (435) 213-3023 or fill out our online contact form. We are eager to serve you and your loved ones! 

*As with all businesses, prices are subject to change.