Male Comprehensive Hormone Panel


Hormone Panel Test for Men    

Cache Valley Labs Direct offers a Male Comprehensive Hormone Panel for male patients who may have hormone imbalances or are seeking insights into their health and male-specific health issues. Checking in on hormone and vitamin levels can provide helpful insights into how the body is functioning.

The Comprehensive Male Panel includes: 

  • CBC w/ diff

    A complete blood count (CBC) with a differential measures the different components of blood, including red blood cells (RBCs), platelets, and white blood cells (WBCs), including differentiating between different types of WBCs. A CBC blood test can help identify disorders of the blood, immune system, infections, and more. $39.00

  • CMP

    A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) includes levels of glucose, calcium, sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide, chlorine, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, albumin, total protein, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), albumin, and bilirubin. Testing these analytes can provide insight into potential disorders or diseases and serves as a window into the overall health of a patient. 

  • Lipid Panel

    The lipid panel test measures high-density lipoprotein (HDL), low-density lipoprotein (LDL), total cholesterol, and triglycerides. These are the lipids, or fats, in your blood.$39.00

  • DHEA Sulfate

    DHEA-S measures the functions of the adrenal glands, which control hormones and affect the heart and vascular system. 

  • Free T3/FreeT4/TSH

    Free T3/FreeT4/TSH T4 and T3 are hormones released by the thyroid that are typically inactive and attached to protein. Free T4 and T3 are biochemically active, and measuring these along with TSH can give insights into thyroid function. 

  • Hemoglobin A1C 

    Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells, which blood sugar can bind to for the lifespan of a red blood cell. Because red blood cells generally live for three months, a hemoglobin A1C test gives an overview of blood sugar levels for the past three months. 

  • PSA -- Prostate Specific Antigen

    Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by the prostate gland. PSA levels and the ratio of free to total PSA can serve as a screen for prostate cancer, which is among the most common cancers in male patients. 

  • Testosterone Free & Total

    This test measures both free or active testosterone as well as testosterone that is bound to proteins. This information can be helpful in diagnosing hormone-related disorders. 

  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 plays a number of roles in the body, including the creation of healthy red blood cells. Testing for Vitamin B12 levels can indicate health issues like anemia. 

  • Vitamin D-25 Hydroxy

    Vitamin D-25 Hydroxy measures the amount of vitamin D in a patient’s body, which relates to bone mineralization and can give insights into bone health.  $59.00

Cost of labs if purchased separately: $570.00Cost of panel: $229.00

*As with all businesses, prices are subject to change.

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We are passionate about helping patients understand their health. Panels that offer similar insights that may also serve you include:
Men’s Comprehensive Health Panel: The Men’s Comprehensive Health Panel includes general health testing with less of an emphasis on hormones. This panel lacks the free T3/free T4/TSH test, the PSA free: total ratio reflex, testosterone free & total, and the vitamin tests, and includes the more general PSA and total testosterone tests. 
● PCOS-Pre/Perimenopausal Female Comprehensive Panel: The female counterpart, this panel includes similar general health and hormone testing but includes follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), fasting insulin, and luteinizing hormone (LH) for the female body rather than the PSA test. 
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