Basic Heart Health


Blood Test for Heart Disease in Logan, UT    

Cache Valley Labs Direct offers a variety of panels, or collections of tests, that allows us to best serve our patients--you! Bundling tests together like this helps us to offer more tests at a lower cost, and because many patients are seeking to gain insight into specific aspects of health, panels are the most cost effective way to gain health information. The Basic Hearth Health Panel takes a look at general health and inflammation and is great for patients seeking to get a general overview of their cardiovascular health. If you are generally healthy but have family members who suffer from heart disease and you are wanting a heart check up, this panel is a perfect fit for you.

Related Lab Tests for Heart Failure 

  • CBC w/ diff

    A complete blood count (CBC) with a differential measures the different components of blood, including red blood cells (RBCs), platelets, and white blood cells (WBCs), including differentiating between different types of WBCs. A CBC blood test can help identify disorders of the blood, immune system, infections, and more.

  • CMP

    A comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) includes levels of glucose, calcium, sodium, potassium, carbon dioxide, chlorine, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, albumin, total protein, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), albumin, and bilirubin. Testing these analytes can provide insight into potential disorders or diseases and serves as a window into the overall health of a patient.  

  • CRP (Cardiac)

    C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a protein that indicates inflammation in the body, and can be used to assess the risk of heart disease. 

Cost of labs if purchased separately: $147.00 Cost of panel: $99.00

*As with all businesses, prices are subject to change.

Related Lab Tests for Heart Failure 

We understand that it can be difficult to navigate the many offerings at a clinical laboratory. If you are interested in panels that may help you identify heart health information, consider taking a look at the following panels: 
Comprehensive Heart Health Panel: This panel takes a deeper dive into heart health and, in addition to the tests included on the Basic Heart Health Panel, includes TSH, homocysteine, NMR, lipids, & graph, lipoprotein (1), apolipoprotein B, and a lipid panel with cholesterol and HDL ratio. 
Advanced Lipid Panel: The advanced lipid panel includes the fats-related tests, including the lipid panel, apolipoprotein b, lipoprotein (a) that are included in the Comprehensive Heart Health Panel. These can give insights into vascular or vein and artery health, although this panel excludes the more heart-specific tests. 
At Cache Valley Labs Direct, we focus on helping our patients take control of their health through access to medical laboratory services. As a private health lab, we choose to circumvent the complexities of the health insurance industry, which in turn helps us offer faster, more streamlined turnaround times, and transparent and affordable pricing. We serve patients both with and without a physician’s orders, and are excited to help our friends and neighbors here in Logan, UT. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (435) 213-3023 for more information or to schedule an appointment today!