DNA Testing


Best DNA Ancestry Tests in Logan, UT 

Cash Pay Labs Direct offers DNA testing for diagnostic labs, paternity testing, and ancestry testing. We are a private company offering laboratory diagnostic services for a wide range of tests, regardless of whether patients have a physician’s order or not.

We believe in helping patients take charge of their own health. Offering labs and flexibility in the delivery of results is one of the ways we do this. There are many reasons our patients choose DNA testing, including:
● Mandated paternity testing for child support reasons● Connect with ancestral roots● Identify genetic risk factors for common diseases● Find relatives, especially in instances where familial relations are obscure, including for children of adoption● Learning geographical origin can provide more accurate information than self-reported ethnicity ● Simply to satisfy curiosity
If you or a loved one need a DNA test, schedule an appointment today to unlock the secrets of your DNA. Obtaining a sample for genetic testing is often a quick procedure and can yield a wealth of information about family relationships, possible genetic diseases and disorders, and ethnic origins. Especially here in Logan, UT, where family history and preserving genealogical information is a common priority, we are excited to offer this service at an affordable price point.

DNA Paternity Testing Lab Services Near Me

Whether you need routine blood testing or need a court-ordered paternity test, Cash Pay Labs Direct offers a variety of options, including blood testing and buccal (mouth) swabs. We are passionate about providing answers through clinical laboratory services. Over 70% of medical decisions are informed by laboratory data, and we strive to make laboratory services accessible to patients with or without insurance.
In addition to our DNA and paternity tests, we offer the following tests:
STD blood tests and screening COVID lab testing services Drug and alcohol testing Routine blood testing, including a lipid profile test & thyroid function testMiscellaneous testing
At Cash Pay Labs Direct, we understand that navigating the healthcare system is a difficult and often pricey process; we’re here to make things easier for you and your loved ones! Jeff Baugh, PA-C, Heather Allred, PA-C., and our on-site phlebotomists prioritize the comfort of our patients here in Logan, UT.
We are eager to provide a top-tier experience without the hassle of traditional healthcare practices. Rather than the often complex and convoluted billing system we see in labs associated with hospitals, we operate privately, meaning there are no loopholes, no unnecessary wait times, and no insurance required.

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for a convenient and innovative approach to getting a blood test. Schedule an appointment or give us a call at (435) 213-3023 with any questions.

We offer the following tests

    Gender Reveal
    Paternity Informational (Non-Legal)
    Paternity Legal
    Non-Invasive Prenatal Legal (NIPP)
    Siblingship Informational (Non-Legal)
    Trio Informational (Non-Legal)
    Comprehensive PGX Panel
    Siblingship Informational (Non-Legal)
    Trio Informational Legal
    GPS Origins Ancestry Test
    MTHFR PGx Panel
    Additional PGx Panel 
    ADHD PGx Panel
    Avuncular Informational
    Cardiovascular PGx Panel
    Comprehensive PGx Panel
    DNA Detection
    Siblingship Legal
    Grandparentage Informational (NonLegal)
    Grandparentage Legal
    Healthy Weight DNA Test
    Maternity Informational
    Maternity Legal 
    Mental Health PGx Panel
    Non-Invasive Prenatal Legal (NIPP)
    Pain PGx Panel