COVID Testing

COVID Laboratory Diagnostic Services in Logan, UT  

At Cash Pay Labs Direct, we offer COVID testing as one of our many services. We are a private company passionate about providing accessible, affordable healthcare and laboratory services regardless of your insurance status. We believe in empowering our patients to take control of their health, including testing for COVID-19. 

You should test if you:


Exhibit symptoms: Common symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, body aches, sore throat, runny nose, fever (100.4℉ and above), and loss of taste or smell.
Have been exposed: If you’ve been in contact with someone who reports a positive COVID test, you are at risk of having contracted COVID, even if you are not showing any symptoms. Keep in mind that it takes approximately five days after exposure for your viral load to be detectable on a test; testing immediately after exposure may yield a false negative.
Plan on spending time with a high-risk individual: it’s fairly well understood now that COVID-19 impacts people with risk factors differently; the infection is difficult to predict, and patients with underlying issues may experience a much more severe presentation. Therefore, it is recommended to test prior to having extensive, maskless contact with at-risk individuals, including the elderly, infants, and those with compromised immune systems.
If your situation matches any of the scenarios described above, schedule an appointment to get tested today!

Rapid Diagnostic Labs for COVID-19 

Although time has passed since we have been at the height of the pandemic, testing for COVID-19 is a good idea, especially for those who either exhibit respiratory symptoms or will be in contact with high-risk individuals. Some patients choose to get tested prior to traveling by air or before attending large gatherings such as concerts.
Individuals who want to exercise caution from a public health perspective or to protect vulnerable populations often benefit from the peace of mind that comes from a negative test and find themselves better informed in the event of a positive test. In addition to rapid COVID testing, our patients have access to our many lab services, including:
DNA medical, paternity, and ancestry tests Fast STD screening/testing Drug and alcohol testing services Routine blood testing Additional tests 
Whether you choose Cash Pay Labs Direct because of our emphasis on affordability and accessibility or because you need a COVID test done quickly, we value your privacy and autonomy, and are eager to empower you to make your own health decisions. We provide high-quality services with a quick turnaround time as we understand the need for rapid results, especially with COVID-19, and are committed to serving the unique needs of each of our patients.